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Rain soothing pain at DC

dc1The Coronation Double Century Cycling tour saw for the first time the involvement of local Swellendam based company, Rain. Rain is an eco-ethical bath and body company who believes in living simply, naturally, authentically.
Although luxurious body products handmade from sustainably, wild harvested ingredients are Rain’s main focus, we also offer spa treatments in a unique African style. It was in this capacity that Rain came on-board at the annual DC event held on the weekend of 21 November 2015.

With 14 therapists at the ready, Rain staff was geared to treat sore, …

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Enticing Scents

The newest edition to the Rain product family is our enticing perfume range. We officially launched the range at a mystery tour blogger event held at the picturesque Mosaic Guest lodge in Stanford. Follow us on Facebook to read what the bloggers who participated had to say: https://www.facebook.com/raincreatedforliving.

This range yet again embodies the core values that Rain is known for – natural products derived from African ingredients wild harvested in a sustainably way while empowering and creating long term economic opportunities for their suppliers. Incorporating natural African ingredients the perfumes have their own signature fragrance that brings the subtle aroma …

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Essentially oils

If all you ever did with your essential oils was to burn it, think again! Essential oils can be used in so many ways, it is literally an essential in your home. You can use essential oils to treat a number of ailments ranging from head-aches to stress-relieving to even getting rid of colds! But did you know that essential oils can also be used in your home?

essential oils group

Here are some helpful hints for using essential oils in and about your home:

Use it as an all-purpose disinfectant: Just Add three drops of …

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