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The story behind our glass baubles

Bev started a very beautiful Christmas tradition of collecting glass baubles from friends as gifts every year to make up her tree. Each one tells a story and reminds her of a special person in her life.

We wanted to share this tradition with you by creating this beautiful hand-blown glass bauble just in time for Christmas, filled with seeds we collected from our wild harvesting journeys throughout this year.

Let us take you on a behind the scenes tour of how we traveled to the Cedarberg to collect interesting plant material to fill these balls with different textures.

Cedarberg treasures

While on route …

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Christmas gift wrap and decor ideas

Christmas gift wrap and decor ideas

Our Christmas 2017 range was inspired by the abundance of nature and therefore we thought it would be the perfect time to do a post on gift wrap and decorations with natural elements like leaves and seeds.

The anticipation of opening a gift is the best part for most people. Your choice of gift wrap is also important as it sets the tone very much in the same way as your Christmas decorations and tablescape does.

We have collected some of our favorite gift wrap and decor ideas but if wrapping is not your idea of fun, please visit your closest Rain …

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Wild harvesting Aloe – the proverbial camel of the plant kingdom

A harsh environment is where the Aloe Ferox plant feels perfectly at home. Rocky stony ground, negligible rainfall, hot baking sun.

It is the proverbial camel of the plant kingdom, fully prepared for the grueling summer heat – storing up copious amounts of liquid in its fleshy leaves. It is these leaves which hold the precious aloe juice and sap that ancient bushmen used for wound healing.

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