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Wild harvesting is a passion for Rain

At Rain we use as many wild harvested ingredients as we can. What makes wild harvested ingredients so special, is that they are naturally organic and totally free from human intervention and pesticides. Perfect for you. Below is the link to a You Tube video of one of our harvests and photos to catch our Rain staff in action harvesting ingredients for our Rain products. We always take the utmost care to harvest in an ethical and sustainable way.


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Ethical shoppers find feel-good body-care at new Rain on Columbus

Africa’s premier bath and body-care brand, Rain, has opened a second Manhattan outlet at 294 Columbus, giving Westside shoppers the chance to explore its exotic range of luxury products, hand-made in Africa from sustainably-sourced indigenous ingredients.

The new store, between 73rd and 74th, is an oasis of fragrant calm for busy shoppers. The restful white and grey of the interior is off-set by jewel-coloured soaps, translucent liquids and earthy organic elements; the whole atmosphere is infused with the intoxicating perfumes of a wide range of nourishing, healing African botanicals.

Rain products are laboratory formulated to exacting standards and incorporate ingredients used by …

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