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Rain Bath Salts



We have a range of open deli table bath salts to choose from – which get bagged or bottled and then weighed. We also have bath salt options in each range prettily packaged in bags or baskets.


Features and Benefits of Bath Salts:

  • Rain Bath Salts are not just simply salt
  • They are all natural
  • They contain sea minerals
  • They contain added magnesium sulphate or Epsom salts
  • They soften the water
  • They soften your skin
  • The minerals in them help ease tired sore muscles
  • They help draw out impurities in the skin
  • They are antifungal and …

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100% Natural Olive Oil Soap

One of our HERO products are our all natural olive oil and artisan soaps. Pure all natural solid soaps are difficult to find in the commercial world as they are not quick and easy and cheap to make. We are one of the few companies who go to the trouble of making these soaps and who offer such a wide variety of all natural soaps


These are true old fashioned soaps made simply with raw natural vegetable and plant ingredients and these soaps are opaque in nature.

Ordinary/true soap is solely made up of various fats or oils and an alkali. …

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Rain Body Wash Deli

In our effort to lower our carbon footprint and that of our customers we have our Body Wash Deli in store where you can fill your own or return empty Rain containers to fill with your favourite body wash. These body washes are also the all-natural Castile formula, which contains over 50% pure olive oil… food for your skin.