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A hug a day

Nothing says ‘I love you’ as much as a hug. Someone once said you need 11 hugs a day to keep you happy. At Rain we can’t give you a hug in the traditional way but we can give you a bath hug with our delightful range of butter balls and fizz balls – it’s pretty close to a full body hug!

20161108-566-edit-1880pxOur new range of fizz ball include our Pomegranate Heart, Stardust; Hydramint Therapy and our version of a fortune cookie – Our Lemon Fizz Ball. Each of these has a special feature that will make bath time even more fun.
With ingredients to soften the water and moisturize you skin, you will feel pampered and your spirit uplifted!
20161108-394-1880pxIf you want a bit more pampering, our butterballs are the ultimate in hugs! With cocoa butter, coconut oil and shea butter, these can be called solid bath oils with flair! The butterball range include:
Cleopatra’s Gold & Milk Bath: Candle light may be added if desired when you bathe in this rice and coconut milk bath with gold leaf .Of course, for extra luxury, we have been driven to add cocoa butter and the rich nourishing shea butter as we imagine only royalty would deserve.
Tea Flower: For this we have brewed and exotic eastern tea from Tesu Flowers. To which we have added a sweet orange oil in the manner not dissimilar to Earl Grey. The partaking of afternoon tea has been known to calm nerves and bring about an orderliness in the face of calamity.
Bed of Roses: We invite you to soak in a “bed” of roses. The very best and most perfumed of the roses from Pushkar in Rajasthan will scent your body. Oils from coconuts and shea nuts and from the rich butter of cocoa tree nuts will delicately soften your skin. The indulgence is decadent and sublime.
Butterfly Pea: Ssshh… be still and listen… you may hear the butterflies whisper. Your skin will enjoy the plant butters extracted from the seeds of the cocoa and shea nuts. Expressed coconut oil is also present to luxuriantly nourish your dry skin. The water will carry the exotic scent of Butterfly pea flowers carried from the Opium Triangle.
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