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Make 2017 count

Every year we start with afresh with a string of good intentions and a list of well meaning New Year’s resolutions and before the coffee is cold, we disappoint ourselves.
This is usually the case with us !
So, the only resolution we are making on old year’s night, is to make this year count.
Pooh Bear is exceedingly wise. And Pooh Bear says that the reward is not in the honey but in the anticipation of the honey!
So, we anticipate the new year with great excitement……………..
Our factory is busy with some impressive new products which will be …

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Never in the past did we think, we would be spending a good time everyday in grooming ourselves. Owe it to our hectic schedules or a monotonous lifestyle, we have now realized how important it is to look good and more importantly feel good.

Be it the university goers, or people in middle and upper middle age groups, we essentially find these body care must-haves in our wardrobe at all times.

A good hand cream enriched with essential butters is usually on the top row. Our hands do all the talking during the day and often had to go through rigorous tasks. …

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Essentially oils

If all you ever did with your essential oils was to burn it, think again! Essential oils can be used in so many ways, it is literally an essential in your home. You can use essential oils to treat a number of ailments ranging from head-aches to stress-relieving to even getting rid of colds! But did you know that essential oils can also be used in your home?

essential oils group

Here are some helpful hints for using essential oils in and about your home:

Use it as an all-purpose disinfectant: Just Add three drops of …

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Ingredient Journeys – The Woodcutters Story

Our retail stores design concept makes use of dead alien trees for tables and décor statements. It certainly is not the kind of shop fitting you can simply go and order at a hardware store.
We have to go into the field on expeditions to search for the dead trees.
Of course this makes every Rain store special and unique. Watch the video to get a sense of how we do what we do when preparing a new store.

Healing honey at heart of Rain’s new Bee Essentials

Rain, pioneers in ethical, natural skin-care, have created a potent new range of luxury body and bath products formulated around the nutritious, healing and protective gifts of the honey bee.

Bee Essentials combines various bee products with botanical extracts in an assortment of nourishing, protective balms, butters and scrubs, all patiently hand-crafted using traditional methods.

Among the hive-derived active ingredients are rejuvenating royal jelly, protective beeswax, healing propolis and moisturizing honeyquat, all infused with fragrant, therapeutic herbs and combined with botanical oils.

The Bee Essential packaging with its classical, retro design would be an eye-pleasing addition to the most elegant bathroom, bedroom or …

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rain ethically sources palm oil

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The use of Palm oil is very controversial at the moment because of the aggressive deforestation of ancient rain forests in Indonesia and the threat this poses for the endangered species of  Orangutans in this region. The owner of Rain explains in her book what Palm oil we use and why it is a sustainable source:

“Sadly, we don’t have palm oil in South Africa, but we source our palm oil …

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Ingredients Journeys – The African Tree Mist Story

From a rare forest flourishing in the harsh dune environment of Africa’s southern coast come the therapeutic essences of ancient, healing trees. The air-borne aromatics emitted by trees have been the subject of much recent scientific study, and there is growing evidence of their therapeutic and invigorating effects, including significantly boosting the immune system. Join Rain Africa on a journey to the Platbos Forest.