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looking after you summer skin

To start the year on a positive note it would be helpful if we feel good about how we look, so what better way than to start with a thorough body scrub to get rid of all the sun-damaged, dry skin after the holidays? It is a bit like cleaning house!


We offer different scrubs and body polishes to choose from, Biologie Manketti & Starflower scrub, Biologie Baobab & Eucalyptus scrub or Kalahari Melon & Honeybush body …

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Make 2017 count

Every year we start with afresh with a string of good intentions and a list of well meaning New Year’s resolutions and before the coffee is cold, we disappoint ourselves.
This is usually the case with us !
So, the only resolution we are making on old year’s night, is to make this year count.
Pooh Bear is exceedingly wise. And Pooh Bear says that the reward is not in the honey but in the anticipation of the honey!
So, we anticipate the new year with great excitement……………..
Our factory is busy with some impressive new products which will be …

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Taking a break

We would like to wish all our customers, loyal supporters and fans a wonderful Christmas season. We are taking a little break from the 15th of December and will be back on the 3 of Jan 2017. Happy holidays to all!