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Ready…. set…. Ireland!

Last year Rain embarked on a huge project to make sure our products meet international standards, specifically for the European Union. To this end we employed a cosmetic chemist, Dr Sansha Coetzee, to do all the formulations and create some wonderful new products for Rain.  In order to export to the EU, we called in the assistance of renowned scientist, Elsabé Cloete, to test all our products for EU compliance.

Dr Elsabé CloeteDr Elsabé Cloete is an interdisciplinary scientist and practicing chemist who holds several academic degrees and international qualifications, including (BSc∙HONS(Math)∙HONS(Chem)∙MSc(CS*)∙PhD(CS*), Dip. Cos. Sci. (COSCHEM), EU Safety Assessor Cert (Vrije University Brussels). Being in academia for many years, she has authored/co-authored more than 50 scientific research papers. In 2003, Professor Cloete exited from the Science Faculty  of the University of South Africa (Unisa) to the Personal Care industry. (*Computer Science).

Working for more than a decade for a cosmetics & nutritional supplement company with several different business units, Dr Cloete has a wide range of expertise, including formulating, efficacy testing, upscaling, formulation implementation, stability testing, product problem solving, certification and manufacturing. She has done extensive work on preservation systems, emulsions and  physical stability of cosmetic products.

The European Union changed the cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC into Regulation (2009/1223/EC) from June 2013 to improve harmonised cosmetic law compliance amongst EU member states.  The new regulation not only refined many details, but also now addresses various issues, including the ban on animal testing as well as environmental and health concerns in cosmetics. Accordingly, before placing a cosmetic product on the market, the safety of the product itself as well as it’s ingredients has to be scrutinized by a professional with the relevant qualifications awarded by a European university. In 2013, Dr Cloete, who is an environmentalist at heart, was the first person on the African continent who completed this safety assessment qualification amongst the top ten of the class in Brussels.

We are so proud to confirm that all our products complies to EU standards and will be on sale in Ireland at our two new shops opening in April, one in the seaside village of Kinsale and the other in the bustling city of Cork.

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