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A comprehensive range of fragrance items for the home or office environment, as well as travel size items to add fragrance to your journey in the form of travel size candles and mini air freshening room sprays for use in hotel rooms.

In this range we offer votive candles, diffuser perfumes, branches,sticks and containers, room sprays, fragrant burner oils, clay potpourri with refresher oil and display bowls, clay refresher discs for wardrobes and cars, all natural burner wax beads and linen and pillow sprays.

We offer the following range of fragrances;

African cucumber – which is a clean cool summery fragrance
Black Amber – a velvety woody spicey fragrance with strong base notes
Saffron Tangerine – a citrusy fresh uplifting fragrance
Savanna – a fresh citrus note entwined with clean eucalyptus, pine accords twisted with herbal nuances leading into a green floral desert heart and a musky base.
Namib – a peachy himba starflower top note easing down to cedarwood and desert resins eventually producing vanilla, musk, sandy undertones.
Karoo – warm sundried Khoisan citrus accords of blood orange and kumquat mellowing down to pink pepper, amber, ginger and wild desert frankincense.
Kalahari – a floral expression of bushman num-num, belskruie, cape may, wild jasmine and veldspice.

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