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We are aware that cost constraints can result in hospitality amenities that are cheap utility products in pretty packaging. However, we chose not to compromise on our brand quality. Our hospitality products are not cheap, but they are superlative quality and are therefore aimed at the highly discerning hospitality trade.

Rain amenity products are for the hospitality customer who cares about

  • quality ingredients and what they put on their skin and hair
  • the environmental impact of plastic packaging
  • the Fair Trade status of the supplier and their job-creation policies
  • the suppliers’ animal protection policies
  • giving back

We carry a range of wall brackets with sandblasted quality glass bottles for ease of use and refill.

This is a cost effective but hugely environmentally friendly option when you think of the tens of thousands of plastic bottles that get thrown out of hotels daily and their impact on our planet – which is staggering.

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